[War Thunder]Efficient way to earn RP, which is an experience point

[War Thunder]Efficient way to earn RP, which is an experience point

オフ 投稿者: sesera

In War Thunder, you can develop tanks by earning RP, but as your vehicle ranks higher, you will need more points.

As a result, vehicle development can be delayed and boring for some.

So this time I will write about how to earn RP.

Use a vehicle with an amulet

ゲームWar Thunder(ウォーサンダー)の護符の画像

Vehicles with amulets can earn twice as much RP as normal.

Therefore, it can be developed twice as fast as a normal vehicle and can also be used for crew training.

Paid vehicles always carry this amulet, so we recommend using it if possible.

【War Thunder】護符とは?課金や無課金の入手方も紹介

Use a premium account

ゲームWar Thunder(ウォーサンダー)のプレミアムアカウントの画像

Unlike amulets, it has a limited time limit, but you can double the RP you get in battle by using a premium account.

Premium accounts use GE, so if you want to develop your vehicle efficiently for a fee, give it a try.

Use a vehicle equipped with an amulet with a premium account for even greater efficiency.

Do SB (Simulator Battle)

War Thunder(ウォーサンダー)のSB(シミュレーターバトル)の画像

Simulator Battle is a game mode for advanced players, and you can enjoy the operation feeling as if you were operating it realistically.

Compared to other game modes, you can earn more RP in this game mode, and if you are accustomed to simulator battles, you can earn more RP.

However, I think that there are many people who are not good at it because the operation feeling is real and it is difficult to operate by yourself.

Use high BR vehicles

ゲームWar Thunder(ウォーサンダー)のBR(バトルレーティング)の画像

Each War Thunder vehicle has a BR (Battle Rating), and the higher the BR, the higher the RP that can be obtained in battle.

Therefore, when developing a vehicle, it may be better to use a vehicle with a high BR.

Also, I think it is effective to purchase a high BR premium vehicle when development is not progressing.

Use RP booster

War Thunder(ウォーサンダー)のブースターの画像

The RP booster that you can get with the daily login gacha is also effective.

There are various magnifications such as 30% and 100% for RP boosters, and the higher the magnification, the higher the magnification for RP that you can get in battle.

The RP booster is a consumable item and has a limited expiration date, so use it early.

If you have friends, it’s a good idea to use boosters that affect the whole team with each other.

Use free RP

ゲームWar Thunder(ウォーサンダー)のフリーRP(フリーリサーチポイント)の画像

You can also proceed with your research using the free RPs you can earn in battle.

However, to use this free RP, you need a GE and it costs 1 GE for every 45 RP.

This method requires a lot of GE, so I personally prefer to use a premium account.

Use a strong vehicle

ゲームWar Thunderの大日本帝國空軍航空機 Ki-44-Ⅱ heiの画像

If you want to earn a lot of research points, you need to defeat a lot of enemies and actively participate in the battle.

So use powerful tanks, aircraft and warships to defeat many enemies in battle.

I have summarized the vehicles that I personally think are strong, so please have a look if you like.

国ごとにオススメな機体・戦車・軍艦まとめ【War Thunder】